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The National Union of Teachers along with other Public Sector unions are talking about striking, with the NUT citing changes to their pensions.

A spokesperson on the news said teachers were going to have to do more work for less money … welcome to the real world.

The Public Sector unions  often say, as did a lecturer interviewed on the news, that they are paid less in comparison with the private sector but that is offset with promised pensions in the future, so they would be better off working for the private sector.

This arguement makes sense but would only be true for a few – there are only a finite number of positions in the private sector.

In reality, if all the teachers decided to jump ship and move to the private sector at once, the private sector would cream off the best but, as supply and demand dictates, they would be able to offer less money than before due to the number of candidates for each position.

I’m not saying the Government is right to just change existing terms and conditions – if you are employed on a contract, that should be honoured – but future employees may have to be taken on with different conditions.

As to the possible strike, I can’t see it’s going to help their cause  with the general public who have less to spend for the same, if not more, work themselves. There won’t be too much sympathy for reasonably paid people with 10 weeks holiday a year for what looks like a politically motivated strike which will just cause major inconvenience and expense to parents.


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One Response to “Public Sector pay”

  1. ACA The Underground Says:

    There’s no respect for teachers from the government, it’s disgraceful!

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