What’s a U-Turn?

No U-Turn

No U-Turn

There’s been a lot of comment recently regarding Government U-Turns.

With issues such as the NHS, the forestry and other emotive subjects, I actually think it’s a good thing that the Government are prepared to listen and even to admit (albeit in clouded political language) that they were wrong.

People always complain that the Government don’t listen so can hardly moan when they do, and act upon it.

Having said that, the issue of bin collections has been a definite U-Turn. The problem is, they made this into a key issue at the election and then made promises on the back of it to score points over the opposition – great plan until it came to implementing it.

And Caroline Spelman not doing media interviews this morning is a disgrace that shows a complete lack of respect for the voting public.


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One Response to “What’s a U-Turn?”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I agree with you, that here is no harm in the Government doing a U-turn when they find majority of people do not agree with them.

    But I do not like the idea of a slop bin in my kitchen at all.

    I wish they would listen when the majority of the public say they do not want
    money sent abroad to aid other countries, most of whom do not need it.

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