Happy Fathers Day

David Cameron

David Cameron

With impeccable timing, David Cameron chose Fathers Day to speak out against ‘runaway dads’ who, he says, should be “stigmatised and the full force of shame heaped upon them”.

He also said “They should be looked at like drink-drivers, people who are beyond the pale”.

He’s conveniently forgotten that many, many fathers can’t see their children because their ex prevents it.

Speaking as someone who has been through courts for 7 years in the past and despite having Court Orders that I should see my children was still prevented by their mother, with no action taken against her despite the courts acknowledging the situation, I feel in a good position to comment on this.

There are dad’s who don’t want to be a part of their children’s lives and won’t pay towards them but there are also a large number who do want the involvement and you can’t highlight one issue without the other.

His statements just serve to propogate the ‘dads = bad, mums = good’ myth. I’m sure if an equal number of dads got residency of their children there would be an equal number of mums who would be classed as ‘runaway mums’ – the fact is that the initial inequality in the current system creates this knock on notion which politicians and feminist groups are only too happy to capitalise on.

It’s interesting that Cameron chose to stigmatise absent fathers without highlighting the different reasons that can cause it – but then treating dads this way might bring in some more money whereas looking to make the system fairer for couples who split up won’t help the Government but it might reduce court time and therefore legal bills … just look how many MP’s have legal backgrounds.

Hopefully we can look forward to his Mothers Day speech, where he will call for women who choose to have kids with any passing stranger and treat those kids as an income source from the state and women who prevent good fathers from having access to their own children (even though they do pay towards them) just because it doesn’t suit their selfish needs ie when a new partner is on the scene, to be “looked at like drink-drivers, people who are beyond the pale”.

If not, it will just go to prove that the Government cares more about vote catching and money than it does about children’s lives.


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One Response to “Happy Fathers Day”

  1. Barbara Says:

    brilliant piece of work. I agree with all you say. Until they start to punish Mums who prevent children seeing Dads, there can be no happy ending for Good Dads.

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