Circus of Horrors.

Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty

Great news that the Government are looking at banning circus acts that include wild animals – let’s hope they don’t do a U-turn on this one.

I can’t understand why people would want to go and see wild animals performing tricks that are totally unnatural to them.

And despite repeated denials from circuses that cruelty goes on, who can forget images like the one here of Anne the elephant.

Does it matter that animals are treated like this? Of course it does because if as a society we find this acceptable then we are one step closer to treating cruelty to children and people who are vulnerable with less importance.

The one thing I can’t understand about this is why the MP who brought the motion, Mark Pritchard, was at first cajoled, then threatened – good for him for standing his ground but it does make you wonder if the Government has some vested interest.

Maybe they fear having to pay compensation to circus owners. I can’t undersatnd why this would be the case – all businesses go through changing times, especially at the moment, and we don’t see compensation paid when, for example, a new EU law or even a UK one, forces them to incur costs or close down.

Hopefully soon these circuses will be consigned to history but one thing is for sure – Anne will never forget.


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