Legal system on trial.

Milly Dowler

Milly Dowler

Milly Dowler, as we all know, was murdered by Levi Bellfield and after the disgraceful treatment of her family since, the local police chief has been publicly saying that there needs to be a change to the way victim’s familys are treated by defence lawyers.

He’s right of course – the police would be expected to Ā investigate those around Milly but their treatment of the family was hardly good. The father was publicly treated as a suspect when there was no evidence (how could there have been, he didn’t do it?).

There’s also the matter of the slap-happy investigation that allowed Bellfield to murder 2 other women in the two and a half years it took to catch him, despite him being known to the police and living on Milly’s route home.

The judge should also take responsibility for allowing the questioning by the defence which included details of the father’s sex life – the father wasn’t on trial so this had absolutely no bearing (if a preference for kinky sex is an indication of murderous tendencies, all murder investigations would start in the House of Commons and judges chambers).

And dragging up details such as Milly feeling less important to her parents than her sister and having suicidal leanings was also irrelevant – Bellfield was charged with murdering her and the facts surrounding the crime are all that should have been addressed. Apparently jurors aren’t allowed to research defendants online but they are allowed to know every little details of victim’s families.

But solicitors and barristers, and by extension judges, care more about the money than justice for victims and their families.

It was really refreshing to hear the family speak outside court saying that they wished only the worst for Bellfield – I hope he suffers physically and mentally but of course he will be protected while they try to rehabilitate him.

Some people are beyond rehabilitation and without the option of a death penalty Bellfield should be just about kept alive (but no wasteful suicide watch please, let him do us a favour if he wants to) until he dies, hopefully slowly and painfully.

That’s the least he could do for the victim’sand their families.


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One Response to “Legal system on trial.”

  1. Barbara Says:

    you often get the feeling that the courts are not sympathetic to the
    non-criminal butmthe ciminal.

    Sometimes Judges are biased against the “goodpeople
    as in “human rights for criminals.

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