Police dogs killed by handler.

Police Dog Training Centre

Police Dog Victims

Saw a story today about a police dog handler who left 2 dogs in a car on the hottest day of the year – as a result they died.

I thought I was reading an article from last year but no, it’s happened again.

And, surprise surprise,  Sergeant Ian Craven has form for this – he previously allowed a spaniel to die in similar circumstances.

It’s been reported that Craven threw himself from a car in an apparent suicide attempt which was probably just the start of the proof of his remorse and/or state of mind to get him off of any possible charges – but he won’t have to worry, last time the Met gave him a promotion in the dog handling section instead of prosecuting him like they should have done.

It was interesting to see the RSPCA spokesman who didn’t actually condemn Craven but mentioned leaving dogs in cars in general terms – ironic really, this sad case has got the RSPCA and the police behaving like pack animals and sticking together.

So probably no chance of seeing what I’d like to see – them taking a more active approach and getting a Court Order to stop him working with or owning animals ever again…. after he’s served time of course.


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