Lose the Whip

Government Whip

Government Whip

There’s a vote in the House of Commons tonight on whether to offer us a referendum over Europe.

But under the ridiculous system of ‘whips’, MP’s are expected to vote how their party tells them. When we vote for an MP we vote based on what they say they are going to do, not necessarily on the party line.

If they all just vote on the party line we could save time and base every result on the number of MP’s each party has.

This is yet another example of the outdated, out of touch Parliament we have in this country.

At election time we are told we have the power but we blatantly don’t because the options given to us are so narrow (can you imagine a national election where you are told who to vote for – that’s called a dictatorship) and even when our MP’s do get a chance to vote on something, it’s their masters and not us they listen to.

There’s speculation that in tonights vote backbench Tory MP’s may actually vote against the whip – or as we put it in the real world “show some balls”. If that does happen in large numbers, the next vote should be on doing away with the whip system completely.



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