Dodgy Business Secretary?

Vince Cable

Vince Cable

It’s emerged that Vince Cable, the Business Secretary has been penalised £500 by the taxman after failing to pay £25,000 VAT.

It does look like this might have been an oversight (it’s hard to tell with politicians) but it raises the question of outside income again.

The money he received was for media work and while he wasn’t Business Secretary at the time (2009-2010) he was an MP.

We vote for MP’s to represent us in Parliament and they can’t be doing that properly if they have second or even third jobs including consulting, advising, media (outside of their direct responsibilities and which shouldn’t be paid), directorships etc.

I also feel this should extend to post-political career opportunities – if they write a book, do a speaking tour or earn any income that is derived from their term in Public Office, including working for private companies, they should have to pay that income back to the country. After all, students have to pay back their loans once they start earning so why should we fund politicians futures free of charge.

I’m sure someone cleverer than me could work out what the country would have earned from this but I’m sure it would be pretty substantial – and after all we are ‘all in this together’.

Maybe a brave MP would like to raise an Early Day Motion – or mention it in a media interview that they aren’t paid for?


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