Charity Begins In The High Street

Charity Shop

Charity Shop

The Government is reportedly looking at capping the number of charity shops on our High Streets, see HERE.

As someone who only ever uses charity shops and car boot sales – I haven’t bought anything from a ‘proper’ High Street shop for years [**] – I think this is wrong on many levels.

First, charity shops are there for a reason – people can’t afford to buy new these days.

Second, without them, we would have more empty shops.

Third, surely we deserve better than cloned High Streets with all the usual major brand shops – everywhere looks the same with Boots, M & S, Top Shop etc.

Finally, whatever happened to the principle of market forces. The Government always quotes market forces when energy, petrol and house prices go up so they should stand by the principle when those same forces stop people buying new and they have to use charity shops.

But of course this is different because these market forces are working against the interest of Big Business and for the general public.

Here’s an idea though. Why don’t councils open up large empty shops, ie when a Department Store closes down, and offer cheap plots inside for ordinary people (and charities) to use – a bit like a Car Boot sale but protected from the elements.

Less empty shops, cheaper goods, helps us recycle, gives people an opportunity to make a bit of money … all in all a win win situation.

And it would get people back into the High Streets and away from out of town Clone Centres full of Big Businesses … oh no, just seen the problem!

**[ OK, I did buy a new suit for a wedding but it was in a clearout sale]


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