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Keep Calm, Occupy London

Keep Calm, Occupy

With the ‘Occupation London’ continuing, protestors have produced the first edition of their newspaper, The Occupied London Times – I say first becuase hopefully there will be time for more. See it HERE.

This follows the resignation of the Reverend Canon Dr Giles Fraser who was the Church of England spokesperson who backed the protestors. It’s a shame he’s resigned but at least he has shown he has principles. And he won’t be a part of action to remove protestors that the Cathedral have started.

There have been numerous aerticles on the protest and one of the best I’ve seen is by David Allen Green of the New Statesman. See it HERE

There is also an excellent description of how the economic situation has developed but in non-economic terms at the Golem XIV blog. See it HERE

There was an article on the BBC website this morning, can’t see it now, where a reporter interviewed 150 random protestors. It seems less than half are unemployed and most haven’t been on demos like this before – the opposite to what we’re being fed by the media.


Don’t get all your information from the newspapers, they are owned by the 1%, use the power of the Internet to expand your mind.


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