Rocks to RBS

Boys Are Stupid shirt

Boys Are Stupid shirt



Peaceful protest that rocks it to them!

RBS are a symbol of the 1% – they’ve taken our money and our bailouts and continue to laugh at us – while their directors reap the benefits – but given rock-all back.

The ‘Occupy’ movement has raised awareness, but here’s a way to  let them know what you think if you can’t protest yourself but want to get involved.

Instead of throwing rocks at RBS, post them something heavy, but nothing offensive or dangerous, without putting a stamp on it – a rock for example [you won’t be able to do this over a Post Office counter so it will need to fit in a post box].


The Post Office has an obligation to deliver the item
With no postage, RBS will be billed for the postage and a surcharge on each item
It will help them get the message that we’re not happy
It costs you nothing but makes a point

It’s a small gesture but will certainly be a cost to them in time and money  – if you’re feeling boulder you could even wrap a letter around the item in support of OccupyLSX.

Send it to:

Royal Bank of Scotland
135 Bishopsgate

And don’t forget to Twitter #rbsrocks to get everyone involved – Rock On!


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