S.O.S. (Same Old Sh*t) for Fathers and Families

Theresa May

Theresa May

The  Norgrove report has recommended that fathers don’t have an equal right to access to their children after a relationship break up.

Or put another way, he recommends that if the mother doesn’t want the children seeing their father, that is ok – as long as he keeps on paying for them.

It also doesn’t help the grandparents on the father’s side who have to apply to even get permission to go to court for access.

Theresa May was on Question Time last night making all the right noises towards fathers but she has form for this ….

Before the General Election in 2005 (was it really that long ago and are we still no further forward?) I met with her in Norfolk as a representative of Fathers 4 Justice, along with a colleague, the local MP, members of the Womens Institute and various church people. She listened while we put our case which was well received and understood by everyone at the table and again she made all the right noises, saying she supported our cause.

As the meeting came to a close I asked her if this meant she would be trying to get the change to give fathers equal rights a part of the manifesto. She made the usual concilliatory noises but when I pushed her for an answer there was none forthcoming.

The woman is a perfect example of MP’s saying what they think you want to hear but doing whatever suits them at the time …she’s a disgrace! And so are the present Government who have made promises of reform in the past and now look to be going back on them. Not that the previous Government were any better.

But it’s not just fathers and grandparents who suffer, it’s not even just the kids – it’s society as a whole. Study after study has concluded that we have such high levels of alcohol abuse, drug abuse and anti-social behaviour in youngsters in this country as a result of the high divorce rate and the lack of contact with both parents after. We’re breaking up the homes, breaking childrens hearts and breaking society.

The usual arguements about abusive fathers is rolled out but no one ever mentions abusive mothers or the abusive step-parent (who the natural father has no control over to be able to protect his kids). The real figures show that approximately 25% of deaths to children through abuse are by the father, 25% by the mother and 50% by the step-parent (usually the step-father as most children stay with the mother but there is no reason to think step-mothers are any better than natural ones).

An organisation called ‘Resolution’ has been backing the report, saying that we need to take cases through the court system to protect the children but who are Resolution … or ‘Resolution, First For Family Law’ as their website proclaims. Unsurprisingly they used to be called the ‘Solicitors Family Law Association’ so have  vested interested in making sure as many cases go through court as possible because they are made up of …… Solicitors.

You couldn’t make it up.

What next, accountants backing a report that says everyone should be required to use an accountant.


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