Financial Discrimination

Never in the field of human economy was so much paid by so many for so few.

Financial Discrimination

Over the years we have worked to end discrimination based on race, religion, sexual alignment and gender. On the whole, the UK has been pretty successful and although there is arguably more to do, we are at least heading in the right direction.

However, there is one form of discrimination you won’t hear any Government even mention, let alone try to put a stop to. In fact it is positively encouraged.

Financial Discriminataion

I’m not talking about some people being better off than others, that will always be the case and I don’t have a problem with people aiming to improve their lives .

But Financial Discrimination is endemic in our culture.

In fact we are already aware of it but we give it different names – like inequality or unfairness. Financial Discrimination is so deeply ingrained in our world that subconsciously we can’t believe it will ever go away and like little children we cry “it’s unfair” then get on with our lives like nothing happened.

Financial Discrimination allows the super-rich to employ expensive accountants who can ‘use’ flaws in our tax laws to avoid paying millions in tax while the ordinary person is taxed at source via PAYE or has to complete forms that even the rule-makers don’t understand .

Financial Discrimination means that if you are rich and powerful, you can pay for an expensive barrister to get you off a charge on a technicality where the average person would be convicted (think footballers getting off drink/drive charges that would ruin the lives of Mr Average with a ban).

And on the subject of footballers, remember when a premier player’s home was broken into (Stephen Gerrard’s I think) and his wife threatened – there was a police officer on the main gate, officers scouring the grounds and a helicopter monitoring overhead. I  can’t imagine that kind of response if I got burgled.

And there is the underlying problem … with Financial Discrimination, a crime is treated as more serious based on the monetary value, not the impact on the victim.

Your status in society is based not on what you put in but on what you take out.

And this is why we have a country run by a ruling elite, not of those elected by us but, with their complicity, the few (the 1% ?) who manipulate the system at all levels so that they can increase their wealth and power at the expense of the majority.

To paraphrase Churchill – Never in the field of human economy was so much paid by so many for so few.


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One Response to “Financial Discrimination”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I wish I could have put it so well. Every word you say is so true.

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