Mario Kart(el)

Mario Monti

Mario Monti

This guy is Mario Monti who will take over as Prime Minister of Italy to replace Silvio Berlusconi.

Berlusconi may have been better at partying than running a country but at least he was elected.

Monti, I think, is a disturbing sign of things to come. When an EU country gets into economic problems, like Italy has, who would the EU rather have in charge than someone who has previously promoted greater EU integration.

And the leaders of other countries, the UK included, won’t object because, like them, he is a member of the powerful Bildeberg Group.

I thought the whole idea of a democracy was that (on the surface at least) the people chose their leaders. This seems to me the first time democracy has been openly overruled by those in charge and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the same happening in other “badly performing” countries.

By “badly performing” we of course mean countries that have been given a bad credit rating by … who? An unelected body again.

It’s been obvious recently that democracy is quickly taking second place to finance –  politicians only refer to ‘market reaction’, never the reaction of the humble electorate which shows where their interests lie.

These are unusual, maybe even desperate, times but it should be up to the people to choose their destiny, good or bad, not a cosy group of largely unelected leaders who impose themselves on the people.


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One Response to “Mario Kart(el)”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Nothing to do with the EU is about democracy. It is mainly two countries wanting to run the world. Mainly Germany and France.
    Of course, it is disgusting that the new Prime Minister in Italy has not been voted in.

    I believe this Country was run on a reasonably democratic basis until about 20 years ago, especially before Labour got into Government.

    Now the ordinary person does not have any say with regard to EU or our Country’s policies.

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