Just Desserts

£22k dessert

£22k dessert

This is the dessert that got some publicity the other week because it was the most expensive ever, costing £22,000 – more money than sense comes to mind!

And speaking of expensive meals, last night at the Guildhall in London it was the Lord Mayors Banquet where the great and good, including David Cameron, probably spent more on a meal than most of us will see in a year.

Outside the banquet some local rabble-rousers had the cheek to try and demonstrate against their betters and were promptly arrested. Some had come from the Occupy protest at St Pauls and when they were bailed, coincidentally, their bail conditions prevented them from returning to the City of London and therefore their original protest.

Also yesterday, Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England who has overseen the worst economic downturn in 30 years, was knighted by the Queen (obviously a performance-based honour) but you won’t see any footage because the Bank of England asked media outlets not to show the pictures – so of course they haven’t.

Moving on to today, the new Italian Government has been put in place, not elected because not a single one of them has been.

I’m off to Ladbrokes to put a tenner on Mervyn King openly running the country next year.


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