Merry £a$hmas Everybody!

Commercialised Christmas

It's Cashmas!

It looks like we’re about to go into a major recession and you would have thought this would be a time for the Government to recommend restraint during the run up to Cashmas.

We have public information campaigns about the dangers of alcohol, drugs and unhealthy lifestyles but we really all know that stuff, it’s just that some choose to ignore it. A much more serious issue is that Cashmas is a time where we are encouraged to get into debt just to feed the annual capitalist frenzy.

Of course the Government stands to make a fortune in taxes, as the major Corporates profits rise, and none of them actually care that peoples lives will be damaged far beyond the effects of drink, drugs and unhealthy food – in fact all 3 will probably result from the frenzy.

What we need are Public Information films on the line of:

“If you see an item that retails at £50 and is advertised as half price, it’s only saving you £25 if you would have bought it anyway – if you buy it becuase it’s ‘cheap’, you have actually forked out an additional £25.”

But, as I mentioned before, the Government stands to make money so it’s allowed to continue.

(Another example of this is the way gambling websites have escalated recently. People are desperate and even though they know they have little chance of winning they reach the point where they see this as a last chance – and the companies are allowed to promote it as entertainment).

Cashmas is promoted as a family time but this glossy view ignores the fact that families nowadays are often living long distances apart and with  the price of fuel and travelling, those idealised family gathering are expensive events even without the cost of presents.

The New Year will bring good news though … for Debt Collectors and Loan Sharks when the debts come home to roost and for Family Lawyers when the pressures start to reveal the cracks in hard pressed families.

As Noddy might say … IT’S CASHMAS !!!


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