Achtung Bebe

New European Flag?

European Flag?

Germany and France have almost done it. They’ve nearly got the control over Europe, including the UK, that they have been after for so long.

Whether it’s by design or just taking advantage of a bad situation, it’s been a masterstroke.

They know that no matter how much our citizens want a referendum on Europe, especially as it soon won’t be the Europe we signed up for, our weak Government won’t allow one – after all, when Greece tried to do it they forced their Prime Minister out and replaced him with their people.

The threat that will be used of course is that it would affect our credit rating badly. The credit rating that is given by the experts who gave excellent credit ratings that led to the problems we have now.

When I was at school we learnt about the First World War and I remember being struck by all the Agreements and Treaties that were made in an attempt to prevent war but broken when it suited individual nations. The current situation seems very similar to me – we are on the verge of a Franco-German treaty that will give those countries immense power, although this time it will be financial, not military.

(Mind you, that didn’t stop France and Germany from mentioning that if the treaty they suggest doesn’t go ahead it could lead to war in the future. That in itself seems like a threat to me, albeit a threat with no substance behind it.)

David Cameron has said  Britain may refuse to sign the EU Treaty but they must be thinking “so what”. Even if we delay the signing, they will simply change the rules so we no longer have the veto, or carry on regardless … and what can we do?

Rather than simply trying to fall in line with Europe all the time, we could concentrate on rapidly building up our manufacturing industries so we are no longer reliant on imports, which would have the added bonus of increased employment. The problem is, of course, we have relied on our service industries, especially the City Financial sector, too much and now it’s too late to go back.

And protecting the financial sector is the important thing for the Government, not looking after the interests of it’s citizens.

So if you really want to beat the recession, start producing the flag at the top of this post – they’ll be selling by the thousands soon.


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