Government and Business – all in this together

All in this together

All in this together

There’s been some publicity lately over Tesco taking advantage of the Governments scheme to force people to work rather than claim benefits.

It seems that the biggest retail outlet in the country took the opportunity to offer jobs that only paid travel and expenses in addition to Job Seekers Allowance (and we’re not talking about the sort of expenses politicians get).

This meant that Tesco got staff effectively for no cost.

As soon as the uproar broke out, Tesco backtracked and said that wasn’t what was on offer – despite testimony that it was, from employees.

The last defence was that the DWP had made an IT error in the job ad. Now maybe if it had been in one ad you could accept this but there were a number of them.

When the Government started using their much-repeated phrase “We’re all in this together” I didn’t realise they were talking about themselves and big business but maybe I should have.

Tesco have now suggested the DWP “to avoid any misunderstanding about the voluntary nature of the scheme, this threat of losing benefit should be removed”. So now Tesco feel it is their place to advise the Government … who do they think they are?

One thing it leaves me wondering though, is if  Tesco somehow run into financial difficulty, or even suggest they are going to, will the Government see them as ‘too big to fail’ like the banks were. After all they probably employ as many, if not more staff than all the banks put together. Could we have a situation where we have to bail out Tesco?

For the moment though, while we are all having to tighten our belts, it might be time for Tesco to remove the first and last letters from their tagline to say what they are doing for the country – Tesco, very little help.


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One Response to “Government and Business – all in this together”

  1. barbara levis Says:

    This is a bit of a difficult one. I have no objections to
    people having to do a job to get benefits, as long as it is a proper wage. I suppose the answer is if Tesco can find a position for people in these circumstances, they obviously have jobs they can offer people.


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