NHS – No Hidden Secrets



The NHS has always been a difficult area for politicians. They’re either wasting it’s money or cutting it, depending on who is in power.

It’s something we, as a country, are justifiably proud of generally even if the original concept of a totally free service has changed over the years. It’s something we all have a connection with and indeed are told we have a personal interest in.

So at a time when the Government is looking to make wide-reaching changes, privatising the service some say, you would have thought that we would be provided as much information as possible so we can judge what the Government do with it.

The Department of Health has apparently produced a report on the damage the changes could do to the NHS but have refused to release it.

MP’s are voting on Wednesdayon whether this secret document should be made public.Why this even needs voting on is beyond me and I’m not mentioning this as a political point, I just feel that this sort of information needs to be made available so the public, who pay for the service, can form educated opinions.

Go to https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/nhs-risk-report to sign the petition and urge your MP to vote for this basic right to freedom of information.


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One Response to “NHS – No Hidden Secrets”

  1. Barbara Says:

    glad we are in greement over this.

    Did not agree with the way the lady who accosted the Health Secretary today behaved.

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