The F.A. (The Financial Association)

Football AssociationThe Government recently announced they will be giving the Football Financial Association £3 million to help deal with racism in the sport.

Let me get this right – the country is on it’s financial knees and we are giving money to an organisation that represents some of the highest paid people in the country, to get it’s own house in order.

Surely the FA should be doing this anyway and using funds from their own members.

It was also interesting to hear on a local radio station about an Asian only football team. Surely this is discrimination, after all I can’t imagine being able to have a whites only team (quite rightly too) so where is the difference?

And will this be addressed with the new money from the Government?

I doubt it.

I’ve had no interest in football since the big money got involved but it does make you wonder about the Governments priorities.

I guess it’s only a matter of time before, in addition to the bailout of banks, we offer them millions to sort out corruption in the industry.



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One Response to “The F.A. (The Financial Association)”

  1. Barbara Says:

    you must remember it is only white middle class who can be thought of as racists in the eyes of so-called intellectuals and
    our Government. Asian football team – racist!!

    I believe there is a Black Police Association, but you would not be allowed a White one.

    And,of course, the Football Financial Association need the money, whereas as common workers in or out of work do not!!

    In fact what the taxpayer would like done with our money is really of no concern to those who govern us.

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