Taking the Pink

Scales of InjusticeI recently saw a blog post from Matt O’Connor of Fathers 4 Justice (HERE) where he responded to a request from a publisher on behalf of a soliciter called Lucy Reed who had written a book and wanted Matt to assist with PR/promotion – he declined in his usual style.

In the blog he explains that Lucy Reed had basically said that F4J shouldn’t have allowed children to speak out against the Family Law system – if the children who suffer can’t be allowed a voice, it really does say a lot about the system.

Lucy responded very unprofessionally to Matt’s reply and a few people went onto her blog to voice opinions, including me using my real world name, John Levis (I use the Aaaaargh! character because I don’t feel a need to boost my personal ego by the way).

You can see the blog, Pink Tape and comments HERE.

To be fair to Lucy she did respond to most of the criticism but in the process she has confirmed everyones belief that lawyers are more interested in the money than the welfare of the children.

F4J HandbookIf you are going through the Family Court system and acting as a Litigant In Person (representing yourself) because you don’t have the funds or don’t trust the lawyers, Lucy’s book of advice is available on her website for £29.50 and will tell you how they want you to do it … but personally I would advise going HERE and downloading the Fathers 4 Justice Handbook which is a thoroughly researched and gives you information you will need to deal with it the best way for you – and the money will help fund Fathers 4 Justice rather than benefit an individual lawyer.


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