99% Perfect

We're still  the 99%

Still the 99%

So the baliffs and police have moved in and evicted the Occupiers at St Pauls.

It was amazing to see the protestors behave with such dignity and I’m sure the authorities will be upset there was no violence.

There have been reports of innocent people being dragged away and it appears that an eviction at another site was illegal because it wasn’t covered by the Order, hopefully the Occupy legal team will be onto that.

What the protestors did, camping out in all weathers, fighting through the courts for their rights and raising awareness of the abuse of power by the banks would be called a ‘British stiff upper lip’ had they not been against the establishment but of course with vested interests in the banking industry, Government and the Corporation of London, they are classed as rebels.

And yet again the Church has come out looking less than Christian in their attitudes – it seems they colluded with the police to allow protestors to be removed from the steps of St Pauls even though that wasn’t covered by the Order but at least they can get back to charging people to visit a church now.

I congratulate the Occupy movement for everything they have done, are doing and, I hope, will continue to do and I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear from them …. however much those vested interests try.


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One Response to “99% Perfect”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Have not yet seen pictures on the news, so cannot comment on how it was carried out.

    But personally I think the so called “occupiers” should have been moved on ages ago.

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