Art for Art’s Sake

Diana and Callisto

Diana and Callisto

Just seen that the National  Gallery has spent £25 Million on this painting by Tition called Diana and Callisto.

I understand it wasn’t our money as it came from their charitable fund which is mainly made up of legacies but it is done on our behalf, it’s the National Gallery after all.

It’s not even as if the artist is British, he was Italian, so I can’t see how our National Gallery is so interested.

But it does give me an idea – why don’t we just gather up  all the “masterpieces” we have in our galleries and museums, bung them on Ebay and hang copies back on the walls instead.

OK, I know I’ll be called a philistine and it’s our heritage but really, would we rather see more homelessness, poverty and despair for an original picture on a wall? I say original because we can reproduce these pictures so only an expert could tell the difference.

If we really need to see the brush strokes we could probably even call on the services of a forger, they seem to be able to fool even the experts.


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