Move Your Money

Move Your Money

Move Your Money

Every day, week or month seems to have special significance attached to it – ‘Talk like a pirate day’, ‘Don’t tread on the cracks week’, you know the sort of thing.

But this month we’ve actually got one that’s wotrthwhile …. March is ‘Move Your Money’ month.

The idea is that you visit the Move Your Money website HERE and pledge to move your money away from the big banks who have brought the country to it’s knees and into a more ethical company.

The site lists the banks, building societies and credit unions to move to and outlines why they have been chosen. There’s also a guide on how to do it and you can sign your pledge online.

I’m pleased to see the bank I use, The Co-Operative is on the list and I have to say that I’ve been with them over 3 years and always found them easy to speak to and helpful.

This is an excellent way to send a message to the big boys, so get over to the site now and MOVE YOUR MONEY.



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