It’s a Klein of Magic

The Shock DoctrineNaomi Klein wrote this book in 2007 and now in 2012 the truth that seemed a world away, in South American countries decades ago, is all too realistic for us.

In the book she outlines how corporations and Governments take advantage of disaster situations – what she calls ‘Disaster Capitalism’.

The theory is that when people or countries are desperate it’s a great time to take advantage of them. This can be a natural occurence like the New Orleans floods, the result of international action like the war in Iraq or a purpose built ‘disaster’ like the recession we’re in at the moment.

..And The Truth Shall Set You FreeDavid Icke wrote on a similar theme in 2004 in ‘…and the truth shall set you free’  when he showed that Governments increase power over people by creating situations that they then rescue the people from …. but at a cost.

In Iraq, for example, when the war was over it was American companies that got the contracts to rebuild the country when it should have been helping the Iraqis to do it – but that was the other side of the world, it didn’t affect us did it?

More recently, in Italy, their democracy was the price paid when an unelected Government was parachuted in by the EU – OK, getting closer but they deserved it didn’t they?

But surely it won’t happen here?

Well we already know the cost of the banks financial ineptitude (fraud) will be paid for in benefits and job losses.

We know there is a deficit in pension funds so what do you think they’ll do about that? Euthenasia?

We know the economy is totally buggered so what do you think they’ll do about that? Make people work for nothing – they tried it with Workfare but it’s backfired a bit so my betting is an end to the minimum wage.

And what about those annoying people protesting and highlighting the social imbalance? More powers for the police –  to protect us of course – as I mentioned in my previous post, the price we will be made to pay for law and order will be policing by corporations.

David Icke was roundly slated by the establishment when he wrote his book and he did leave himself open to ridicule with talk of lizard-people but so much of it is coming true, he must have been on to something (maybe even the lizards).

Naomi Klein has been writing and speaking on the subject of corporate/Government power for years and will probably soon come under similar attack.

Do yourself a favour, get over to Amazon, or your local library if you still have one, and read both these books. It will change how you see things.


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