Insurance rip-off.

Swinton and AxaWe took out home insurance a few months ago through Swinton, the insurance brokers,  as well as an additional cover that we were told would cover all household repairs.

We’d just had the boiler serviced so decided it would be an idea to have this cover as well, just in case anything went wrong with it, water pipes, gas pipes etc – after all they said it would cover all household problems.

The other day the expansion pipe from the boiler had water coming out and when I checked, the pressure was way up at full. We contacted a local plumber who showed me how to ease the pressure, then which feeds to turn off to see where the problem was.

He found out and suggested if we had cover we should go through them so I contacted Swinton Insurance who gave me a number for Axa who told me it was breakdown cover only and as long as we have hot water and heating it’s not covered.

Theres a surprise – an insurance company wriggling out on the small print.

I explained that the pressure was so high it could result in the boiler blowing up which would cost them a lot more than the part that was needed but of course they don’t care about our safety.

So, back to Swinton who said they don’t know the actual terms of what they sell as they only read a script and couldn’t get Axa to contact me because they don’t deal with them direct.

Is it any wonder people get pissed off with insurance companies and other big organisations like these.

They take your money then farm the work on to another company so you never really know who you’re dealing with. They are allowed to highlight the good points when they sell to you and hide the bad points in the  (non-understandable) small print.

It’s the same with the banking system – they sell you a loan, then before you know it, the loan has been sold on 3 times and you are dealing with a totally different company ….. and look where that got us.

As consumers, we should know who we are dealing with, terms need to be clearer and wouldn’t it be an idea if every contract had a central point of contact you could deal with direct?


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One Response to “Insurance rip-off.”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Typical. Hope you wrote to the Chairman etc.of AXA

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