Olympic Shames

The Fatherless Games

The motto for the London 2012 Olympic Games has been revealed as “Inspire a Generation”.

Inspire them to what?

The main message coming from the Games is that if you have the money and the power you can write your own rules.

– Zil lanes to give priority to Olympic traffic over everyone else.

– Advertising restrictions on local businesses who can’t even mention the event

–  Prestige Hospitality (if you can afford it)

– Suspension of civil liberties

– Removing the right to Freedom of Assembly

– An unelected Olympic Committee dictating to our Government

– Unethical sponsors  – BP,  Dow Chemicals,   McDonalds,  Proctor & Gamble,  Visa (a worse collection of examples of polluters, bad labour practice, animal cruelty, and financial irregularity it would be hard to find).

If these are the sort of things that should make us feel proud to be British, I’m no longer proud to be British.

Pleased to see that Fathers 4 Justice are showing the balls to ignore the restrictions on using the Olympic logo with their ‘Fatherless Games’ campaign though.


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7 Responses to “Olympic Shames”

  1. rightswithoutresponsibility Says:

    Of course “Former F4J Supporter Says: ” would do a far better job? Of course not, because if they could they would, they can’t so they criticise…empty vessels and all that…worthless comment and post….

  2. rightswithoutresponsibility Says:

    and of course “Former F4J Supporter Says: ” would do a far better job? Of course not, because if they could they would, they can’t so they criticise…empty vessels and all that

  3. Former F4J Supporter Says:

    F4J has a voice, a small, confused and increasingly irrelevant voice. You’ll notice that I said the “leadership” of F4J crave attention. Whether that attention is good or bad doesn’t matter to the very few at the top. The confused and shambolic nature of recent campaigning has made the entire thing a pathetic joke.

    I read that a business associated with Matt O’Connor had advertised on Mumsnet (for women to provide breastmilk) prior to him setting up his business – and then he launches into this latest nonsense?

    What on earth do the Olympic games have to do with the issue of fatherlessness? It’s all confused, it has no direction, it’s just jumping on any bandwagon for the sake of it.

    It’s really pretty sad.

    • aaaaargh Says:

      I don’t know anything about Matt’s business and Mumsnet. I don’t see why that would prevent him highlighting their behaviour though, in fact it would be refreshing if the Government and Courts took a more moral stand and showedand less self-interest.

      Connection with the Olympics? Well, as we’ve established, publicity is the key and what better than to tie into the biggest focus of the moment. And the Olympic motto is “Inspre a Generation” which is the exact opposite of what Family Law does.

  4. Barbara Says:

    always have been and lways will be a supporter of F4J
    even though I do not lways agree with what they do.

  5. aaaaargh Says:

    Of course they crave media attention – that’s what campaign groups have to do because without media attention you don’t have a voice.

    You say they are a shambles but the fact that a ‘former supporter’ still takes the time to keep updated on what they do and that F4J still has a voice would suggest otherwise.

  6. Former F4J Supporter Says:

    It’s not a case of F4J having the “balls” to use the logo, more like the leadership crave the media attention that such an act will create. The organization is a shambles.

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