Financial Suicide

Financial Suicide

Financial Suicide

Financial Suicide is taking on a new meaning.

It used to be someone who made a rash investment or a bad financial decision but the recession has meant that the term has become literal.

Suicide rates across Europe are climbing as people find they either can’t cope or are too ashamed to carry on, see HERE.

The most high profile was in Greece recently when Dimitris Christoulas, a retired pharmacist, shot himself publicly and left a note explaining why.

In America back in the 20’s it was the Wall Street bankers who were throwing themselves off buildings but their modern equivalents are happy to let the poor, the old and the desperate make all the sacrifices … not only with their lives of course but financially as well.

So far these sad individuals have only harmed themselves but I’m sure a time will come soon when someone decides to take some of those responsible with them…. and who would really blame them?

If they do though, you can bet your own life that security around politicians, bankers and other “important” people will be increased – and you know who’ll be paying for that!


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4 Responses to “Financial Suicide”

  1. palebunny Says:

    You know there’s lots of pictures to be found of people who self immolated, but that guy in your picture was murdered, lolll, sorry can’t help but laugh, you should try to use a different image of a true self immolation

    • aaaaargh Says:

      Hi Palebunny

      Thanks for looking and commenting.

      Pic came from so took it on face value.

      If you have another source I can change the pic

      • palebunny Says:

        Okay certainly,

        This shows some photos from Afghani women who had burned themselves but survived, there’s 26 images, but several of the girls are repeated, also please note the age versus when they ‘immolated’ one girl is 16 and immolated 3 years ago, one girl is only NOW 11 years old.
        These are the girls that set themselves on fire rather than stay in a forced marriage with either an abusive family or just because they’re only 11 and don’t want to be ‘raped’ ever day which is called ‘martial consummation’ by the law in Afghanistan. IF they try to simply ‘run away’ or leave the home of their husband and in-laws, they WILL be arrested and imprisoned, sometimes for many years – often when they are finally released they are released BACK to the abusive IN LAW family they ran away from, where their fate is horrible, frequently death, the ‘taliban sharia law’ punishment for “embarrassing your husband and family’ is to have your nose and ears cut off and then dropped off some where to die.
        HANIFAH a 9 year old girl in Afghanistan who set herself on fire after a “fight” with her father, which is often a euphemism for ‘beaten, abused’ or ‘sexually molested’ – of course, they don’t repeat those descriptions, they just say “fight’.

        THIS IS WHERE YOU NEED TO GO, for so much information about the situation in Afghanistan for women.

        The Revolutionary Association for the Women of Afghanistan – written by women FROM and about Afghanistan.

        These women have been doing this FOR YEARS, many of these photos are at least 5 years old.
        Herat, particularly, has one of the highest suicide rates on earth for women, and it’s always self immolation. I find myself wishing I could teach them TO HANG themselves, even while sitting down, because at least then they wouldn’t have to be on fire. Many women are not taken by their families to the hospital for DAYS, for a WEEK – and by then it’s just horrible, way to late – and imagine the suffering.

        IF YOU are interested (just FYI) because I know your blog has nothing to do with this.
        RAWA is a wonderful font of information – it opens ‘the eyes’ in a way I often wish mine had not been. Ignorance IS a kind of bliss I guess – doesn’t mean you’re stupid, it just means you don’t even know this crap is going on in the world. A nightmare.

  2. Beth Says:


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