World Day for Animals in Laboratories

World Day for Animals in LaboratoriesSaturday is World Day for Animals in Laboratories and there is a rally in support in Birmingham, details at

We often hear that experimentation on animals is necessary to make products safe for humans but what we don’t hear is that adverse reactions to prescribed drugs is the fourth biggest cause of premature death in the UK. Only cancer, heart disease and stroke claim more victims.

And even if testing drugs was an option, do we really need to inflict pain on animals just so we can have yet another fragrance of perfume, colour of hair, or even thicker eyelashes… are we really worth it?

If you want to see some of what goes on in laboratories have a look at these 2 Facebook pages but be warned, they’re not pretty:

Evolve! Campaigns –
Stronger Penalties & Tougher Sentencing For Cruelty To Animals – UK –

So, given that there is no justification for carrying on this abuse of living creatures, what is the point? Well, as usual it’s money. We can’t expect the big  cosmetic companies to admit we’ve got enough fragrances and colours already.

Credit is due though to ethical companies like Lush who don’t sell products tested on animals and have allowed a protest against experimentation to take place in one of their shop windows, see HERE

One final thing to think about – if we are comfortable with animals being tortured, how long before it’s suggested that people could be experimented on… there are plenty of people around the world in abject poverty who would probably accept having drugs tested on them for a small amount of food (yes, I know it goes on) and with recession and austerity hitting the western world there could soon be more potential subjects closer to home.


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