The Last Post?

Last Post

Last Post

Postal charges went up yet again recently from 46p to 60p for first class which is around 30% – way above inflation.

Today on the news it showed that TNT will be delivering letters themselves rather than via Royal Mail and their representative used the competiiton example to justify this.  After all, he said, if there was only one airline flights would be expensive.

This is probably true but what he failed to mention is what will happen outside densely populated areas when the private companies have skimmed off all the profitable business there, leaving Royal Mail with just unprofitable business.

There are some areas where competition is necessary like airlines, mobile phones or car dealers because these are consumer items.

But there are other areas where competition isn’t the answer and ends up benefitting only the businesses, not the consumer. I’m thinking of the national rail service, water, gas and electric which give the impression of competition but really don’t offer any (who chooses which rail company they use?).

The postal service is another of these but with the Government’s pursuit of privatisation at any cost, there really isn’t much hope for it’s long term future in a form we recognise.


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One Response to “The Last Post?”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I agree with everything you say. Perhaps if the PostOffice had
    put the pricesf stamps down a lot more people would use
    Royal Mail more. I know I would.

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