Politician, Sack Thyself

News International

News International

What a surprise that the enquiry into News International and the Murdochs has taken a political direction.

Labour have taken the opportunity to do a bit of  magnate bashing (that could turn round and bite them at some point so it’s either a brave or a stupid move) and the Tory’s capitalist coloured glasses can’t see anything wrong because there’s only a dead body but no smoking gun.

So an enquiry into how the media, police and Government collude with each other turns into a political bunfight with no real outcome.

What we should have is enquiries like this without MP’s but with average members of the public asking the questions.

I know it’s a House of Commons enquiry but aren’t they meant to be representing us?

And there is a precedent for this kind of setup … it’s called a jury!

But doesn’t this just sum it up? From the Leveson enquiry website:
“Lord Justice Leveson acts in an independent judicial capacity as Chair of the Inquiry.  He will submit his final report to the Home Secretary, The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, and the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, The Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt ” ….. now where have I heard that name before?


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One Response to “Politician, Sack Thyself”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Surely it’s just the usual crowd sticking together.
    As for Labour they are no better, they mix with the same people.
    I certainly agree that there should be a mix of people on these thes juries. Have some MPs but the same number of people from the public.

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