Economy Crash Investigation

Crash Investigation

Crash Investigation

There’s a programme on the National Geographic Channel called ‘Air Crash Investigation’.

They give an overview of a flight where the plane crashed, then follow the results of the official investigation to show in chronological order all the things that will have contributed – often this will go back to when the plane was made.

It’s usually a corner being cut in production like using cheap grade parts or a simple human error like forgetting to check something but the one thing in common is when the mistakes have been found, they are acted upon, remedied where possible and prevented from happening again… and where responsibility is found, prosecutions do follow.

I’ve seen the current economic problems called a ‘car crash’ but the reality is it’s an air crash and should be investigated with the same attention to detail as real air crash is… hopefully history will do this eventually but even the cursory glance it has had to date has found where some of the problems lie.

Unfortunately, finding the problems is only the first part of the process – what needs to be done and has failed to be done, is making sure the same mistakes are not made agian and that those responsible are held responsible.

It’s a bit tricky when they are investigating themselves though.


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