Fuel Focus August

Fight Back Against Fuel Prices

Fight Back Against Fuel Prices

Isn’t it amazing how fuel prices seem to increase substantially with every small increase in wholesale prices but then drop marginally, if at all, when wholesale prices fall.

We’re always told market forces are the reason – supply and demand.

Well let’s use this supply and demand factor to our advantage for once.

Join Aaaaargh! for ‘Fuel Focus August‘…here’s how it works.

All the fuel companies use similar inflated prices because they know that we don’t have the option of going elsewhere and saving a worthwhile amount.

But what if we all chose not to use one particular company for an extended period of time?

What you need to do. Easy, just don’t buy fuel from BP in August, use an alternative supplier (and that includes their shops which they say make more profit than fuel for them).

Why BP? No particular reason, they’re all as bad as each other, so why not?

What will BP do? When you think about it, all they can do is dramatically reduce their prices to woo people back. When they do, the others will have to follow and it will prove that the prices they were charging were inflated.

Is there a precedent? I seem to remember many years ago a similar thing was promoted in one of the Scandinavian countries and the result was a reduction in prices.

There’s no political agenda and no personal agenda on my part and, as the saying goes, we’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We need as many people on board as possible to make this work, so use the Twitter hashtag #fuelfocusaug and give as many people as possible the quick link to this page: http://bit.ly/KlG9qt

Mention Fuel Focus August to family, friends and work colleagues.

We also need organisations like the AA and RAC to support us so if you’re a menber let them know you support Fuel Focus August. Write to your MP, write to local papers, ring radio phone-in’s – it’ll be interesting to hear the fuel indusry’s response.


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