Games for a Laugh

Games for a Laugh

Games for a Laugh

Wow! The Olympic Opening Ceremony will be a blast….

You can’t get much more exciting than a green field, well you can – simply add cricket, hell, why not go wild and have lawn bowling, or, control yourself now, Morris Dancing?

And wild sheep. Wild, I reckon they’ll be bloody furious, taken from the real countryside, packed into a lorry then let out on fake grass surrounded by 80,000 screaming spectators.

I know we couldn’t hope to compete with what they did in China four years ago but they did have the advantage of an unlimited budget and workers willing to do the job for nothing… or be shot of course.

So what do we do, we decide to show the world some idealised 1950’s style Britain. There will probably be bobbies on bikes and kids doffing their caps to adults. Of course we couldn’t have a more realistic portrayal, with kids on drugs and riot police kettling the crowd but how’s this for an alternative?

Why not take the opportunity to show what a technically advanced country we are. We could have the green field but how about robotic animals or projected ones.

Or why not just stop wasting money, say we’re acknowledging the worldwide economic climate, scrap the fluff and just have the teams parading. Boris Johnson can be the entertainment just by being there.

I think the best thing will be to give everyone some of whatever Danny Boyle was on when he came up with the idea.


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