Get a Job … If you Can

Find a Job

Find a Job

Saw David Cameron outlining his planned welfare reforms today.

It all sounded like it made sense. You shouldn’t be penalised for working hard when others are rewarded for laziness.

Council houses should be there to help those in need, not give cheap accommodation to the well off.

We shouldn’t encourage people to live on benefits but we should encourage people to be self sufficient.

The problem was that his whole theory is based on the idea that people should help the State save money by getting a job … which would be OK if there were jobs to get.

His plan to make the long-term unemployed keep our communities clean sounds logical, until you realise that this means less paid employment doing those jobs.

These policies, if they are introduced, need to be accompanied by help for entrepreneurs who will create employment and a crackdown on tax evasion by large corporates and stupidly rich individuals – is this really a good time to make 10,000 redundancies at HMRC? Surely we need to claw back all the revenue we can … or maybe the plan is to re-employ them as benefits inspectors.

Without doubt, the welfare system needs reform but it should be reformed because it is unfair, not just because it saves the country money.

Soon they will announce that the way to create more jobs is to remove the Minimum Wage. It will probably be introduced as a ‘voluntary’ step that long-term unemployed can choose to take to help them get a job but this will have the effect of getting rid of it anyway.


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