Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery

Surprise, surprise, it seems Barclays, among other banks, have been massaging the truth.

Good job David Cameron is there to say they have “serious questions” to answer.

The only questions the directors should answer should be coming from barristers and judges.

How is it that if you or me commit a crime we’re in court straight away but if you run a bank you can get away with anything.

We all know the “serious questions” will take forever to get asked by which time it will all be forgotten because the same people will have been found to have done something else illegal unethical but still legal.

I saw the other day that some hospitals are going bankrupt because they can’t afford the PFI payments. It’s a shame the Government can’t step in and bail them out like it did the banks – but then we know that money is more important than people to our Governments, whatever their persuasion, so we can’t allow a bank to fail but a hospital …..

And I’m sure someone cleverer than me can, or will, do some investigating and find that the banks have a vested interest in the PFI arrangements.

I’m old enough to remember when a bank robbery was something the banks suffered – nowadays it’s what they do.


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