A Robber By Any Other Name

Stand & Deliver

Stand & Deliver

Remember when highwaymen used to wear masks …. then get punished for robbery.

It’s all different now. The robbers sit in board meetings and get rewarded for it.

Mervyn King has today criticised the culture of banking that has led to all the lying, cheating and, let’s face it, outright theft that has been gong on in banking for years (a lot of it while he was in charge).

There are calls for the banks to get heavily fined but that just means the people who suffered are the ones who foot the bill because the costs of the fines will be passed on to customers.

The fines should be paid directly by those in charge when it happened not us as customers or, in the case of RBS, shareholders.

The highwaymen were usually hanged for their crimes and I’m not saying that’s what should happen to the bankers but they should be hung out to dry.


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