Car Boot Blues

Climate Change?

Climate Change?

We heard a lot a few years ago about ‘global warming’ but I really think they used the wrong terminology.

Global warming actually sounds nice and you heard people saying it didn’t bother them, in fact they were looking forward to warmer temperatures.

What it should have been called, more accurately in fact, is ‘Climate Change’.

Climate Change at least gives the impression that things will be different.

The environmentalists were sidelined and ridiculed, the large corporate polluters spent millions (billions?) denying there was a problem and the Governments saw it as an opportunity to tax us with the deception they were caring for the environment.

Whatever anyone says, or how much it is denied, it’s obvious that the climate around the world is changing. We have extremes of weather all over and, although not really life threatening, our own climate in the UK is noticably different.

Aside from all the scientific facts, the thing that tells me we’re going through a change is that they don’t seem to be able to get the weather forecast anywhere near right.

To some, like farmers, this is a serious issue. To others, like most of us, it’s an inconvenience – but becoming more noticable. To anyone suffering the extremes of flooding in the UK at the moment, this little rant will seem petty but here goes:

At the weekend me and Mrs Aaaaargh finally did a boot sale we’d been putting off. The weather wasn’t actually that bad but the forecast had promised heavy showers so buyers simply didn’t come. The result for us was that we made about £15. Other stall holders said the same.

It is only a minor point in the grand scheme of things but you would think with all the money invested and all the hi-tech, they could make our boring, mundane, struggling lives a bit easier by at least letting us know whether we need to be wearing a swimsuit or an overcoat.

Just don’t tell me the head of the Met Office is getting a bonus this year.


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One Response to “Car Boot Blues”

  1. Barbara Says:

    I have never believed the stories about Global Warning. The Government uses scientists that agree with them, but do not seem to consult those with an opposite view.

    The Climate may

    I sometimes think it is just another way of frightening people into doing what the Government want.

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