G 4 Gold

G 4 Gold

G 4 Gold

So G4S, the private company with the contract for security at the Olympics are having to call in the military because they can’t cope.

This is despite all the promises and the years they have had to prepare.

They stand to make a small fortune and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are taking advantage of the tax-haven status around the Olympics.

In the week that our military have been told of the scale of the cutbacks they are to suffer it’s a further kick in the teeth to tell them that they are effectively working for G4S for free.

The Government should work out the cost of sending the military in and bill G4S.


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One Response to “G 4 Gold”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Yes what a complete and utter shambles. I think the Government or Olympic firm whatever should be able to sue G4S.
    To be honest I always expected something to go wrong.
    I agree that the way this Government treats the Military with such distain is disgusting. I always thought the Labour Government did not like the Military. Never thought the Conservatives would treat them this way.

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