Fair Property Tax

Property Tax

Property Tax

There’s been talk recently of a new “bedroom tax” on anyone in a Council house that has more bedrooms than they need.

On the face of it this makes sense – unless of course you’re a divorced dad who needs the extra room for visiting kids and would be additionally penalised for having that, despite the fact that this is sometimes a requirement for overnight contact.

But now it appears that greedy MP’s have been renting out their property in London to other MP’s in a cosy arrangement that allows them to trouser even more taxpayers money. They are, of course, working within the rules but I don’t hear them talking about changing these rules any time soon.

The Speaker even tried to have publication of the details blocked – deja vu from last time this happened.

And now it’s emerging that they have even been using our money to pay for personal accountancy fees [HERE].

How can we believe ‘we’re all in this together’ when it’s one rule for them and another for us?

[Thanks to Occupy the London Stock Exchange for the pic]


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One Response to “Fair Property Tax”

  1. barbara Says:

    I read about this and could not believe that MPs still believe they can get away with their rent dodges. It may be legal but it is so morally wrong of them.

    Also they should pay for their own accountancy fees.
    Why should the taxpapers have to support these people.
    It is disgusting. .

    What else is being hidden from us.

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