Shop Tax Avoiders



Excellent article from The Guardian HERE explaining how “The scale of unpaid tax now outstrips the entire deficit”.

With most of us suffering austerity measures and cuts biting hard it’s disgusting that the Government continues to protect big business – not just physically, as in the picture on the left when mere mortals dared to voice their anger – but financially.

And worst of all it’s totally unnecessary.

I’m using Starbucks as my example but the article also mentions Asda, Vodafone and Ikea as tax avoiders.

An arguement used for not being harder on companies like these is that if we pushed too far they would move away which would be bad for the country but I disagree.

The money they bring in, the jobs and even the fact that our towns would die without these businesses are the usual arguements but when you think about it this is rubbish.

Starbucks are not going to shut their UK branches and cut a revenue stream and as they don’t pay us tax money, so what if they do.

As for the jobs arguement, lets assume Starbucks close down. This would actually leave a gap in the market for small coffee shops to open who would probably employ as many if not more than Starbucks.

When it comes to our towns, surely it would be better to have a number of different independent coffee shops rather than the sterile plastic sameness that Starbucks have brought – you never know, you might not have to take out a loan just to buy a round of coffees.

So the Government’s message shouldn’t be that they will look at ways of changing the system, (while HMRC come to secretive deals over expensive lunches)  they should work out what tax these companies should have paid and simply say “Pay Up or Push Off” … or words to that effect.


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