It Asda be like this?

Asda - Stuffing Dads This Christmas

Asda – Stuffing Dads

Asda have a new TV ad for Christmas. It shows a hard pushed mum doing all the work getting stuff ready, making dinner etc while dad doesn’t do anything – the latest in a trend of media depictions of lazy, useless men.

The tag line is “Behind every great Christmas there’s a Mum” which totally removes Dads from the family Christmas picture. In a lot of cases of course, thanks to the unfairness in Family Courts, Dads do miss out on the joys of the Festive Season with their kids but mostly this isn’t by choice.

They responded to criticism by saying 80% of their customers are mums, so they probably thought they were only alienating 20%. The problem is a lot of feminists have also criticised the ad for promoting outdated gender stereotypes, aligning themselves in this case with Fathers 4 Justice.

The whole premise of the campaign is so 1950’s – mum does the housework and looks after the kids, dad goes to work and comes home to a pipe and slippers – that I can’t believe they approved it but their response gives an inkling of why they did – it’s all about the Mummy money!

It does beg the question though, why is it ok to denegrate men, fathers in particular? If this was an ad for a car for instance, showing the man as the only one able to drive or for a piece of tech that only a man could use properly, there would be an outcry.

It cuts both ways, or at least it should.


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  1. lauracannotdraw Says:

    Couldn’t agree more

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