MP’s: Are They Still At It?

MPs: Are They Still at It?

MPs: Are They Still at It?

Just seen another excellent documentary from Channel 4’s Dispatches.

I say seen, I just turned off half way through because I’m so disgusted.

It’s the same old story of MP’s thinking they have a right to claim as much of our money as possible within the rules they wrote themselves.

Renting out existing property then claiming back the rent on a new one seems to be this theme.

FFS, it’s a job. Anyone else who had to travel a long way or work from home would get a reasonably priced B & B or even a hotel that involved a commute.

The Government recently said that people looking for a job should be willing to travel up to 90 minutes – so why shouldn’t MP’s do the same.

Nothing has changed – money grabbing, self serving gits the lot of them.

Click on the image above to see the documentary – but I wouldn’t recommend doing so after a large meal, you just might feel sick.


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