Git From Bar Grilled My Hamster

Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty

What punishment should you give to someone sick enough to cook a hamster?

James White, a 21 year old student was banned from keeping animals for 8 years, got ordered to pay £1000 costs and do 120 hours unpaid work.

He avoided prison because the animal was dead when he started to cook it. Trouble is he still caused it to have the heart attack that did kill it so that should be treated as an equivalent to manslaughter … animslaughter?

As a student I doubt he will have the £1000 to pay his fine and he doesn’t exactly seem an animal lover so being banned from keeping them probably won’t bother him – the ban won’t extend to his family or, presumably, anyone he lives with.

But surely the judge could have ordered that his unpaid work go toward helping animals?

White claimed that he was drunk at the time –  come on, we’ve all had a few too many and done stupid things but just how sick does your brain have to be to do something like that?


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One Response to “Git From Bar Grilled My Hamster”

  1. barbara Says:

    A woman on the radio suggested to the horror of Vanessa Feltz…
    that he should have his hands and feet burned..
    I think he should have to leave college for say a year and be made to do a really horrible manual job.

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