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Animal Cruelty

Capitalism & Climate

It’s been a while, so what made me revisit and revamp the blog (and the Twitter and Facebook pages)?

First, I recently read the latest book by Naomi Klein, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING – CAPITALISM VS THE CLIMATE and it re-ignited my interest, frustration and pent up anger with how things are regarding the environment and corporate responsibility.

Then of course there is the upcoming election with the usual meaningless promises just to win votes, promises we know won’t be kept, and the realisation that while concentrating our minds on their comfortable battle grounds NHS, Education, and the Economy they are managing to miss the ‘Elephant In The Room’ issue of Global Warming which could soon supersede all their key issues.

Some research on the Internet soon revealed just how little a prospective Government (any of the main parties) care about the issue, with licences for Fracking covering most of the UK and the main parties not even mentioning it – and certainly not mentioning how closely they work with the major polluters like the big oil companies.

So I took a look at the Green Party’s policies and realised that, in general, I liked what I saw.

Making the changes needed for the environment before time runs out and making society fairer at the same time means making some serious decisions which the main parties won’t even consider, so I’m going to be adding my two pennies worth.



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