Never Mind the Ballots Here’s the Best System

Proportional Representation

Voting System

I remember when I first heard of Proprtional Representation as a voting system it seemed like such an obvious idea, the result of the election based on the overall wishes of the entire country.

The counter arguement was that there would never be a majority Government under this system and we’d end up being like those unstable European countries (?).

But there wasn’t a majority at our last election and it looks like it will be the case in the current election too so that arguement against PR doesn’t hold water. Again we’ll have a Government that is formed to suit one party’s agenda, irrespective of the wishes of the people.

I wouldn’t expect the Conservatives or Labour to be pushing for PR but it would benefit the Lib-Dems so I’m surprised they haven’t been mentioning it – or is it a case of not liking the present system but benefitting from it last time and not wanting to change something they may benefit from again.

I’d like to see a simple system of PR – choose the number of MP’s we need (much fewer and therefore cheaper would be my suggestion) and share those seats out as a percentage of the vote. An arguement against that is that the parties get to choose our representatives but the reality is that happens already when favourites are parachuted into safe seats.

The key is in the name – Proportional REPRESENTATION.


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