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The BBC have a good site at: giving a guide to how the parties treat different issues so I thought I’d see what they think about fracking. The results were unsurprising.

The Green Party are against it, as are the SNP.

Labour would give it the go-ahead with the right checks and balances in place – don’t really know what that means but then they probably don’t either. That really isn’t an opinion, it’s sitting on the fence with every intention of doing what you want anyway but dressing it up with pro-fracking ‘experts’ when you need them.

The Lib-Dems are pro fracking – and there was me thinking they were an environmentally minded party.

The Conservatives of course are all for it. Well they would be wouldn’t they, after all, they and their chums at the oil and gas companies are very tight. If I had the time I’d research how many Tory MP’s have business links with, or shares in, the industry … maybe when I win the lottery!

Bear in mind, the emissions from fracked gas might be lower than fossil fuel but the amount of carbon needed to extract it actually makes it more polluting. There is also the pollution as a result of chemicals used, the unbelievable amounts water used and the general detriment to health to consider.

So no real surprises (well, maybe the Lib-Dems) but one of the reasons I’ll be voting Green.


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