If a Job’s Worth Doing ….

Office Monkey

Office Monkey

The Conservatives are telling us the economy is back on track thanks to them, and pointing to low unemployment rates and the high number of those starting their own businesses.

(Labour rightly point to the fact that many of these jobs are zero hours contracts but they are missing an opportunity by not mentioning that a lot of the newly self-employed didn’t have an option and won’t be earning good money, so they will have to claim benefits.)

But even if those new employment/unemployment figures were all they are cracked up to be, there is a hidden problem.

I work with some major companies, both UK and Internationally based and one thing that has become apparent recently is the lower standards in the sector I work in. And it’s not just the outsourcing to foreign call centres with all the problems that entails.

More relevant seems to be that these large corporates don’t have to pay as much to fill positions now, so the staff probably don’t care too much – why would you? (Peanuts = monkeys)

The end result is less efficient businesses which must mean less productive which presumably isn’t good for the country – or the economy. How often are you feeling the need to complain about Customer Service?

So yet again, what the politicians make to look good on paper doesn’t look so good when you dig a little deeper.



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