You Can Leave Your Hatton

Hatton Garden Heist

Bit late officer?

OK, it’s a bit late but I thought I’d mention the Hatton Garden Heist – from a slightly different perspective.

There’s been a lot said, rightly, about the police response … or lack of it but at the end of the day you have to have a grudging respect for the gang. No one injured, 2 days of work and even a break in between.

I feel sorry for any small family businesses that have lost out but presumably they will be insured because all their records will be up to date and legit…

Some of the stolen goods are supposedly previously stolen by their current owners so you can’t have a lot of sympathy there.

Then there are the people who had large amounts of cash or jewellery – well, the jewellery will have been documented and insured (won’t it) and if there are large amounts of cash you have to ask yourself why? Tax avoidance anyone?

But the real story should be that this is just one example of the police not bothering to turn up and it’s only getting the publicity because of the amounts involved.

What about all the ordinary people who are robbed, have houses burgled, cars stolen or are assaulted with no response from the police. These are the real victims and they deserve better.

Basically, the wealthier you are, the more likely you will get a police response – I remember when a well known footballer had his mansion robbed a few years ago, there were police at the electric gates, helicopters above and a large police presence. Don’t see that happening when old women or war veterans are attacked in their homes!

And watch out the gang involved in the heist because if they do track you down, and there will be massive resources allocated to it, your punishment will be much harsher than if you had stolen from Joe Public.



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