Fight, for the Right, to Buuuy

Right To Buy

Maggie Sang the Blues

For a party that constantly reminds us about ‘market forces’, the Tories seem to have missed the point with their new ‘Right to Buy’ proposal.

When they originally sold off public housing stock it didn’t take a genius to see that a reduction in that stock would lead to higher house prices and rents. Simple supply and demand economics, if you’re going to get rid of stock, you need to replace it or prices rise.

And of course they didn’t replace the stock, neither did Labour for that matter, they all left it to the private sector because ‘market forces’ take care of everything …. except when they don’t!

So now we have ridiculous house prices and rents and they think the answer is to sell more stock off.

If the theory is that by paying rent over a long period, you are somehow entitled to some ownership of that property, then surely this should be extended to the private sector. So if you pay a private landlord, after a period you should have a right to some of the value of the property.

Of course that won’t happen because the big private landlords (the property companies) are the Tories pals.

If they really must go down this route of vote buying by proxy, it should be fully costed, not financially but they should have to show how the properties will be replaced.

Just seen this on Twitter from @SuziePerkins- if it’s true, and I’ve no reason to think it’s not, this is just disgraceful.

Richard Benyon Tory MP owns 300+ council houses Thatcher sold. Makes millions each year in Housing Benefit. Sums up Tory housing policy!!!!”



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